Bed bugs pest control Services in Hyderabad, Dilsukhnagar

Bedbugs are extremely notorious and they can make your daily life miserable. If you are suffering from the problem you can of course call pestosol pest control services and we will come to your location to inspect the area and then provide you the most suitable solution for the environment. Bedbugs are commonly found on bed frames, box springs, luggage, book bindings, wallpaper, and under mattresses. Our professionals will look at every corner of your home to see where they live.

These are one inch long, flat and rust-colored insects, which are usually found in bedding. They are mostly active at night and start sucking blood as soon as they lie on your bed. They survive on blood only. It is believed that bedbugs can survive even after eating once in a month.

Pestosol Pest Control Services will develop the best strategy through which you can have the best clean and healthy environment that minimizes the growth of bedbugs. Bedbugs are blood-sucking insects and they can cause skin infections that can lead to an allergic reaction in the body. You need to improve the level of cleanliness and also lay emphasis on deep cleaning of your home so that you can have a fresh environment. We adopt some of the latest tools that help us detect the presence of bedbugs.

Symptoms of Bedbugs Many times people keep battling with bed bugs, but they do not know that bedbugs have ruled their house. In such a situation, below we are going to tell some symptoms, understanding which you will be able to know that bed bugs have happened in your house:

-These insects thrive in mattresses, box springs, linens, sofas, and the corners of your bed frame. The main symptom of bedbugs is that you wake up in the morning with red rashes on your body. They bite on your skin to suck your blood, causing red marks on the skin. -Usually these insects move in a line and in a swarm. -Small brown marks can be seen in places where bedbugs live.

Bedbugs Control Pestosol Pest Control Services Extension is highly concerned about the health of the people and hence we always take the responsibility of completely removing the bedbugs from your home. It's important that you have a comfortable place to live and don't be bothered by a mess of bedbugs. Our professional treatment will eliminate the infection.


1. How do bedbugs grow? Bedbug is an insect that grows in dirt. They flourish due to not showing sunlight, dampness and dirt on the bed for a long time. For this it is necessary to keep the bed exposed to sunlight from time to time.

2. How to know if you have bed bugs? -If after waking up in the morning you have itching and rashes are seen then it may be that there are bed bugs in your bed. -You will clearly see the marks of an insect bite and they will be very many in number. -Rusty marks may appear on your clothes. -If the infection is very high, then it is possible that your body may also smell.

3. How to reduce bedbugs? -Keep cleaning the mattresses and sheets from time to time and keep them exposed to sunlight. -Cleaning the mattress with a vacuum cleaner will also be effective. -If you suspect that there are bed bugs in your bed, then dip a piece of cotton in alcohol and rub it on the mattress. -If there is a crack in the furniture, get it repaired immediately. -Lay neem leaves on the mattress.